General Nursing & Midwifery, (G.N.M.)

Duration of the Course: 3 years.

The state of U.P., in spite of being the largest and the most populous state of the country has still to go miles away to provide basic health care to the people of Uttar Pradesh for all still remains a dream for our country with the advancing medical education in the country and increasing number of hospitals and nursing homes both in the Government sector as well as in the private sector, there is a great demand of qualified nursing staff in the country. In the present era, nursing profession has come to be recognized as a highly skilled profession. Currently with increasing geriatric as well as physically handicapped population in the country, nurses have an equally good opportunity to opt for such services.

Auxiliary Nurse & Midwifery (A.N.M.)

Duration of the Course: 2 years.

Assistant Nurse and Midwife work within hospital or community settings under the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional. This course is designed to give you the skills needed to work in a modern health services. In the present era, nursing profession has come to be recognized as a highly skilled profession.

Diploma in Physiotherapy (D.P.T.)

Duration of the Course: 2 years.

It has been observed for a long time that there has been an acute shortage of qualified professional in the field of Physiotherapy. It is a branch of modern medicine which is used to correct the diseases & conditions of many mascula skeletal, neurological disorders & chest conditions of varying degree & nature of persons permanently disabled by accidents orvarious crippling diseases. Physiotherapy deals with the method of treatment through physical agents and other modalities such as heat therapy, hydrotherapy, shortwave therapy, Microwave therapy, Ultrasonic therapy, electrical stimulation, electrical massages, prafin wax therapy, infrared rays & ultraviolet units, traction etc. on the basis of knowledge of human anatomy & physiology.


Duration of the Course: 2 years.

There is a great demand of Optometry Technician by the center as well as state Govt. The diseases of the kidney and other metabolic disorders are at extreme due to adulteration of grains, food and other capable, globalization, industrialization, Pollution and Urbanization and changes in life style. The eye disease is somehow related to other type of diseases, which is common among the people in particular age group. The train and vehicular accident are very much on increase among the people due to rash and negligent driving less awareness on Zebra Crossing to overcome the above. Awareness about health education should be spread across the population and qualified technician in the entire field must be produced, who can help the surgical team. The Avadh Institute of Medical Technologies and Hospital has catered the Instrument, Infrastructure and faculty with Super Specialists in the medical field to overcome and give good training. A good theoretical knowledge supported by practical and workshop is a must.